Real permanent penis enlargement with sphincterotomy

Ligamentotomy – surgery to enlarge the penis

The male penis stops growing around the age of 20. Most men are satisfied with the dimensions that nature has given them, while the rest of the male sex is looking for ways to enlarge their genitals. Various drugs can be used (their main disadvantage is many side effects), new technologies (extenders, pumps, etc. ), manual massages, stretching, etc. But only a part of the men resort to the help of a plastic surgeon, who offers the patient a conjunctotomy - an operation to enlarge the penis.

Penis enlargement surgery: all the pros and cons

To understand the principle of surgery for the enlargement of the male penis, you should refer to information about the anatomical structure of this organ. Thus, the penis is supported by the pelvic region and connected to it by a special ligament called ligament. The point of surgery is to change the size of this ligament, which allows you to increase the size of the penis.

It seems that this technique allows us to solve multiple problems that arise due to the small size of manhood (physical and psychological). However, some risk factors for such manipulations should be considered:

  1. The possibility of injury to the patient or infection in his body during the operation.
  2. If the link is too short, the intervention will not bring the expected result.
  3. A penis that is not supported by a ligament is hypermobile. In addition, suppression of the ligament leads to the fact that during an erection the penis will be directed downwards, and not forwards or upwards, as is usually the case.
  4. A specialist is not able to fully predict the results of the manipulation, since a lot depends on the patient's body and his compliance with the rules of the recovery period.

Indications for ligamentotomy

Since penis enlargement surgery is a plastic surgery, there are no strict and categorical indications for its application. However, in some cases it is simply necessary to enlarge the genitals, and the indications can be divided into two subgroups: medical and aesthetic.

Medical indications:

  1. Micropenis (the so-called hidden penis).
  2. Cavernous fibrosis.
  3. Peyronie's disease. With this pathology, deformation of the phallus is observed, reducing its size.

Sensory cues:

  1. A man's desire to increase self-esteem.
  2. The desire to enhance one's own attractiveness.
  3. Penile dysmorphophobia. This condition consists in dissatisfaction with his appearance, including the penis.

The lower limit of the dimensions of the male reproductive organ is 12 cm (including the erection). A smaller value may be considered a reason for a ligamentotomy.


There are several contraindications for the genital enlargement procedure, such as:

  • mental illness;
  • Diabetes;
  • impaired blood clotting.

The symptoms of these pathologies may worsen after surgery to enlarge the male penis.

Preparation for surgery

Before performing a sphincterotomy, the patient must undergo an examination consisting of the following:

  • consultation with a urologist;
  • blood tests (clinical and biochemical, for syphilis, hepatitis and HIV);
  • EKG?
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist.

Before the ligamentotomy operation, you should stop eating and drinking for about 8-10 hours and remove vegetation from the groin.

Progress of the operation

There are two types of penile enlargement surgery. One of them is characterized by a classic application, the other involves the addition of adipose tissue elements. However, according to expert reviews, the lengthening of the second type is carried out much less often than the first. Often, blood flow to the tissues is slow, which leads to various infectious complications.

In addition, ligamentotomy is divided according to the type of access. In this regard, it is much easier for a plastic surgeon to resect the ligament above the pubic bone. However, the intervention through the scrotum is considered much more painless and less dangerous. Penis enlargement surgery using this approach can take longer, involves a much larger incision, and leaves a noticeable scar in the pubic area. In addition, such an intervention injures tissues and adipose tissue, making it difficult to continue using the assistive device. The cost of the operation through the scrotum is higher, but the risk of complications is minimal, as is the appearance of postoperative scars.

Ligandotomy is performed under anesthesia (general or epidural). The total time from the start of the surgeon's manipulations until the patient is released from anesthesia is 40-50 minutes. A bandage is applied to the area where the incision was made.

It is believed that the elimination of the ligament that secures the hidden inner part of the penis does not directly lead to an increase in the reproductive organ itself. The penis remains in place, and the cut link is only necessary for the subsequent improvement of the result with the help of a special device - an extender. Thus, the ligamentotomy is exclusively auxiliary in nature and requires the necessary use of lengthening in the future. It is also worth considering that the result depends on the immediate initial length of the penis. In other words, the conjunctotomy helps to increase the size of the phallus, which is accommodated by the extension, allowing it to act inside the penis.


The day after the ligamentotomy, a special device called a stretcher is applied to the operated organ. Unlike the extender, it is used continuously until the stitches are completely removed after 12-14 days.

For the first three weeks after penis enlargement surgery, a man should follow the following recommendations:

  1. Refusal of sex, sports and intense physical activity.
  2. Always wearing a stretcher or special weight - this method does not allow the penis to return to its original position.
  3. After the scar is formed (after about 1-2 months), the stretching of the phallus continues with the help of a dilator and lasts up to six months.
After the ligamentotomy, it is necessary to wear an extension

The duration of use of the extension increases gradually. The first tangible and visually detectable results can be observed six months after the operation.

Recommendations for using the extension

After the sphincterotomy, the extension is placed on the penis to avoid pain and discomfort. An additional function of this device is to ensure the necessary tension of the muscles and ligaments of the penis. In place of the severed ligament, new areas consisting of connective tissue are formed. Their future size largely depends on compliance with the recommendations for the postoperative period, including the systematic use of an extension.

In order for the device to work properly and to have the maximum effect, you should take into account some tips for its use:

  1. The extension is placed on the penis only during the day and must be removed at night.
  2. Initially, the device is worn for 1. 5-2 hours a day. Gradually the time increases to 5-6 hours.
  3. The extension is worn until a new ligament forms and takes its place to replace the severed ligament. As a rule, this lasts from 3 to 7 months.
Extender – a device for stretching the ligaments and muscles of the penis

Modern extensions are made of latex or hypoallergenic plastic. For this reason, they are comfortable, practical and almost invisible to use.

Possible complications

A qualified specialist who has performed penis enlargement surgery, through his professional actions, cancels all the risks of possible problems after the ligature.

In extremely rare individual cases, the following complications are observed after such an intervention:

  • Bleeding;
  • penile deformity (it may also straighten at an atypical angle or be partially raised).
  • swelling of the suture placed after the operation.
  • testicular infection;
  • A complication of penile enlargement surgery can be inflammation of the testicles.
  • development of scars and adhesions.
  • unstable erection;
  • decreased sensitivity of the scrotum or penis;

Most specialists in the field of urology consider the conjunctive surgery to be a completely safe operation. At the same time, the absence of possible problems is noted both during the operation and during the recovery period.

Benefits of penile correction surgery

The main advantages of penile enlargement surgery include:

  1. Long lasting effect.
  2. Relatively quick recovery.
  3. The possibility of increasing the penis not only in length, but also in thickness.
  4. The possibility of simultaneous elimination of pathologies or defects of the penis (both acquired and congenital).
  5. No negative effect on reproductive function and quality of male potency.
  6. Short duration of the operation.

In which clinics are penis enlargement operations performed?

Penile ligature is performed both in private clinics and in large urological centers.

How much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

The cost of a penis enlargement procedure starts at $315. The amount largely depends on many parameters, including the qualifications of the trainee surgeon, the quality of the equipment available in the clinic, the price of the extension, etc.

Thus, some elite clinics are equipped with the most modern equipment and offer patients comfortable rooms. In such facilities, you can lengthen your penis by paying $1, 270 or more.

When choosing a clinic where you plan to perform a conjunctotomy, you should carefully study not only the pricing policy, but also the work experience and qualifications of the doctor. It would also be a good idea to find reviews from real patients about the work of this specialist.

Reviews of men who have undergone penis enlargement procedures

Reviews from men who have undergone the ligamentotomy procedure are mostly positive. This is not surprising, because such penis enlargement does not only bring aesthetic results. A penis of the desired size improves a man's emotional comfort, eliminates obsessive complexes and improves the quality of intimate life in general.

  • "My 'little brother' was always short, which gave me terrible complexes and made it difficult to communicate with girls. Our town is small, only one clinic does penis enlargement procedures and that's where I went. A ligature was performed through the pubic cavity, leaving a small scar. After the intervention, the gain was about 2. 5 cm. The problem appeared after I was too lazy to wear the extension for the required time - instead of 3 weeks, I endured only 2. The result is + 1. 5 cm. , sincethe penis slightly returned to its original state. If I had worn the genital extension as long as I was told, it probably would have been longer. "
  • "For almost 25 years I was convinced that you have to live with what God gave (or nature, it depends on who). In terms of penis size, I was given, frankly speaking, not much. On the advice of a friend, I decided to have a conjunctomy and I have never regretted it - I "raised" myself by an additional 4 cm, I am incredibly happy. Among the disadvantages, I can note that the process of wearing an extension is not very comfortable, but for the sake of "big" goals, you can be patient, especially since it is temporary. »
  • "As a teenager, I was somehow not concerned with the problem of a small penis, I considered it a normal phenomenon, until I got a girlfriend. Sex was so much, but I didn't worry - the main thing was feelings and I had nothing to compare it to. But then we broke up, not in a very civilized way, and my last words of passion were about my miserable "girlfriend" and the fact that she wasn't at all comfortable in bed with me. I have to admit, this bothered me. And although what was said could be attributed to ordinary female bitch, for the first time I really looked at the size of my penis. And he was unhappy. In the end, I decided to have my penis enlarged surgically. It took me two weeks to find a plastic surgeon and now, instead of 12 cm, I'm already 15 and I see some penis thickening! I'm already dating another girl, my sex life is great! My confidence has gone up to 100%. However, ligandotomy is an excellent thing when it comes to solving the problem of a small penis. »
  • "For a long time I could not find a permanent partner - the relationship did not work out because, frankly, of my small manhood. Of course, most of the ladies didn't tell me directly about my problem, but there were a few who did talk about it. And they also say that for women size doesn't matter, it really does! In the end, I found a suitable clinic and made an appointment with a doctor. A little pain, discomfort and a recovery period (not too long though) - all worth the result - now I'm an impressive 18 cm, plus the thickness is starting to increase! Relations with girls have now reached a qualitatively different level, and my previous complexes have gradually disappeared. Ligandotomy is a super operation for all those who have a complex with their "little brother" and aim to increase self-esteem and great sex! ».

Ligandectomy is a surgery to enlarge the penis.

This manipulation is becoming increasingly popular among men seeking to increase the size of their manhood. The consequences of such an operation are, as a rule, minimal; the only condition is the use of an auxiliary device - an extension, which increases the effectiveness of the surgical method of penis enlargement.